This last weekend was probably one of my favorites to date with my family.

We stayed at this adorable victorian styled bungalow. The floors were original hardwood, the tub was clawfoot, there was natural light galore and 10ft ceilings. The backyard had a two story playhouse for the kids to explore, there were fresh lemons and tiny oranges to pick and enjoy. It was every kids dream, and we loved our stay there. Oh- and don't get me started on the original shiplapped walls and ceilings...

Our usual routine involves cartoons in the morning and at night so I can get things done, and wake up more slowly so the kids are kind of distracted with something (yes I know- bad mom- oh well). But this house didn't have a single TV! We were not used to the quiet or having to occupy our little tots with something other than Little Baby Bum or Mother Goose Club. The house also had barely any artificial lighting. Just a lamp or two in every room- and thats it. So at night, it was dark and ambient.

This detail alone was such a blessing God knew we needed. There was a radio in the kitchen and we turned it on to classical and Christmas music and danced around with the kids. We left it playing all the time and even turned it up at night so we could all listen as we slept. We played with blocks on the floor at night in the dimly lit living room and laughed as we playfully knocked over each others creations. Mainly because Beckham kept walking into each structure- so there was no point in trying to actually build anything. It was so fun, I could have paused that moment and stayed there forever happily. It was so different and wonderful in every way.

We built so many memories these past few days. From singing in the car, or stopping to feed horses on the way out of town, to drinking coffee and doing my hair on the porch every day so we could be together and watch the kids play in the yard. We let Beckham crawl around and get dirty, try to eat plants, and didn't mind as they all enjoyed just being kids. At one point, I caught Emma brushing Natalies hair in the garden as Natalie sat patiently and sweetly, talking back to Emma in her adorable little Toddler babble. It was truly one of those moments as a mom where your heart just skips a beat and melts because you can't believe how lucky you are to be these kids mom.

We ate at great places, and made the kids try new foods against their will. (Emma- I'm talking to you). We enjoyed margaritas on the Riverwalk, and had a stressful but memorable boat ride that lasted far too long for any baby to ever go on. EVER. It should not be allowed. Haha.

Overall, this was one of those times that I know we will look back on far in the future and relish the memories we knit together. These moments are why I can't imagine divorce. I could never imagine a family building this house of love together, only to tear it down. I pray that this weekend was one of the cornerstone blocks of our family that hold it together and help it stand the test of time. I am so thankful Jesus has given me these four humans to spend my life with. I am so committed to keeping this house together.