tess + Nicholas

Hotel Ella- Austin, Texas


Wedding Collection

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May 26, 2019

When Tess and I hopped on the phone for the first time when she initially reached out to me- I was sold. She told me all about how she wanted to put emphasis on what was important to her, and cut all the usually wedding “BS”. (HALLELUJAH!) Her mom was also a photographer and she had mentioned she was going to heavily influence the decision on the photographer choice! I am FOREVER thankful I made the cut!

One of the main focuses for Tess, wasn’t hours of coverage, in fact, she booked my smallest package with only 6 hours. Her main focus, was making sure we had time to get creative with her and Nicholas’ bride and groom photos. And get creative we did! We had so many different light situations to work with both inside and outside Hotel Ella. The atmosphere provided the perfect space for the classic wedding photos, and the heavily artistic ones she had always envisioned for her wedding day! We also got to leave the wedding venue and do her first look at one of the coolest spots ever- The Sekrit Theatre.

The entire day was effortless and laid back, exactly how Tess wanted it to be. Everyone had a cocktail in hand and enjoyed being together as a family. The last shot of the evening was the one by the pool, once cocktail hour wrapped up, I had this vision for the last and final image of their gallery. With the help of her wedding planning team, we moved things around and I got the money shot! I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding, better couple to work with, or better bride-turned-friend!