Juan, Ellie and their little ham, Michael.

This day was so fun and beautiful. The weather was perfect and the lighting was gorgeous through the trees. My sister and brother-in-law recently bought a house outside of Lubbock and this was the first time we got to take a little trip out there to see their new little abode. My husband, mom, Nanna, and kids got to tag along to make a day out of it. When we finally got there we all laughed, talked, ate lots of fried chicken and drank sweet tea (the fundamentals of a good day). Even though they are family and we see them often, I still had yet to have the opportunity to take their family photos. So we decided to leave my kiddos with my mom and Nanna and the rest of us to head to the park down the road for a little photo shoot. We just goofed off and had a wonderful time together, my husband even got to snap some of my sister and I and I got a great photo of him! I love when I just get to do what I love with the PEOPLE I love. I need to do it so much more often!