Martha + Bridals

The new Mrs. Flores! 

Martha is quite literally the nicest person you will ever meet. Even on her wedding day, she wanted to cut her own cake and serve it to each guest individually so that she could make sure she got to tell every last person thank you for coming, and give them one of her warm hugs. She let her entire bridal party get ready first before she even thought about herself. She is selfless & loves deeply.  I am so happy for you, Martha. Thank you for making me such a huge part of this part of your life. You are the true meaning of genuine, and I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for you & your new husband, Maximino. 

Canyons & Coffee

Madeleine and Taylor are one of the most precious couples you will ever meet. Within minutes of being around them, you can just tell that God undoubtedly orchestrated their love story. Madeleine is the oldest of FIVE sisters, and she is leading by example on how to do this thing! Her and Taylor have set such a great example with their love & respect for one another. I hope you enjoy seeing their candid giggles & kisses as much as I did. 

McKenzie & Colby Snowy Engagements

I had so much fun with these two! We don't get much snow here in Texas, but this year we had a massive blizzard and they decided to take advantage of the beautiful, rare backdrop for their photos. McKenzie also agreed to let her hubby-to-be have his only request for photos; to hit her with a few snowballs, (of course) making this session truly an expression of their love and fun they have together. I cannot wait for their wedding this October!

Walking In a Winter Wonderland with Jordan + Wesley

Ruidoso, New Mexico Engagement Session

I had prayed and prayed for snow for this weekend in Ruidoso when we went to stay at our cabin and take the 2nd round of Jordan and Wesley's engagement session. Snow was not even on the weather report, it said cold and possible rain :( So I wasn't getting my hopes up. But we woke up Saturday morning to this! God delivered; 12 inches to be exact. 

Lionel, Shelby & their little miracle bun in the oven!

Shelby and Lionel are some of the most precious people I’ve ever worked with. After many health complications and pregnancy being something they both thought might not ever happen, I was SO overjoyed when Shelby came to me and asked me to take their PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT photos! You can clearly see the pure joy on both of their faces as we shot these. I’m so thankful for God’s provision and faithfulness in this journey with them. He is good!

Juan, Ellie and their little ham, Michael.

This day was so fun and beautiful. The weather was perfect and the lighting was gorgeous through the trees. My sister and brother-in-law recently bought a house outside of Lubbock and this was the first time we got to take a little trip out there to see their new little abode. My husband, mom, Nanna, and kids got to tag along to make a day out of it. When we finally got there we all laughed, talked, ate lots of fried chicken and drank sweet tea (the fundamentals of a good day). Even though they are family and we see them often, I still had yet to have the opportunity to take their family photos. So we decided to leave my kiddos with my mom and Nanna and the rest of us to head to the park down the road for a little photo shoot. We just goofed off and had a wonderful time together, my husband even got to snap some of my sister and I and I got a great photo of him! I love when I just get to do what I love with the PEOPLE I love. I need to do it so much more often!

Cara Kasemsri

Behold; One of the most beautiful human beings on earth, Cara.

I can't quite explain the joy I had while at this session with this girl. She is as equally stunning and captivating on the inside as she is on the out. And if you ever get the pleasure of meeting her in person, I'm sure you will agree. I am so blessed by the interactions and conversations I get to have with people while I'm out with them. I got to laugh, talk about Jesus, the beauty of marriage and life with her, as well as capture her personality on camera and call that WORK. Yessiree, I have found what I am supposed to be doing. I get to combine my two most favorite things; people & art. 

Thank you, Cara. 

Mikah's Bridals

Let me just say, that a bride alone is a magnificent sight to behold. A bride in white, in an apple orchard surrounded by the contrast of the green trees, red apples, and glows of autumn nearing, is breathtaking... BUT, a bride, in an apple orchard, at SUNSET.... oh my, well... I'll let the picture do the talking. Holy cow Mikah, I have had to literally hold myself back from posting these. You are so incredibly captivating. Joe is one lucky man! Happy wedding day! I had to post these asap.

Taylor Tidwell, the GRADUATE!

What a way to start the blog! I couldn't think of a better way than to feature this beaut, Taylor Tidwell's Senior Session! Taylor, you are so beautiful inside and out. You have a heart of gold and I can't wait to see where Jesus leads you as this chapter of your life comes to a close, and a new one begins. Congrats to you, sweet girl! Never lose this inner glow you have, it obviously radiates your outward beauty!