Rachel + travis

Ranson Canyon


You guys, Rachel & Travis were such a ray of friggin sunshine in my life the night of their engagement session.

Their session was planned during one of my busiest seasons and months. I had been shooting for what seemed like everyday for weeks. So to say I was “burnt out” by the time their session came around- would be an understatement. Yes, even creatives get burnt out on doing the work we love.

I was preparing myself for just another basic E-sesh. But boy was I wrong. These two showed up with smiles on their faces, laughter in their bellies, and jokes in their back pocket. I truthfully needed their personalities that day.

At one point as I was directing them to play, laugh and talk to each other while they walked towards me, Rachel turned to Travis and lovingly said “Oh I just wanna skin you and make a lampshade out of your skin” or something like that. I literally died laughing so hard because first of all… who says that? Second of all, that’s definitely something I would say to my own husband while trying to be cute and natural in front of the camera. Instant connection I tell you. Lol

On top of loving their personalities and being inspired again by their sweet tender authenticity, Rachel brought me freaking BANANA BREAD and showed me at the end of the session. Which happens to be my favorite treat of ALL time. Literally I had been craving banana bread that week. It’s like read my mind or something- creepy & deliciously amazing of her, honestly. Also, it was the best banana bread I ever had in my entire life and now I have craved it everyday since and I have now requested that to be her wedding cake. (I’ll update you on if she does that for me.)

Anyway, I’ll just shut up and let these gorgeous sun kissed photos do the talkin.