A woman who loses her husband is called a widow, a child who loses their parents is called an orphan. But there is no name for a mother who loses a child, because there is no word that would be adequate enough to describe the pain. 

I have no word for this woman, but her name is Leah.  She lost her four year old littler girl named Kylee last year at the hands of Kylee's very own father. The only word that comes to mind when I think of Leah is strength.


You know when you have a moment in your life when you finally realize that your pain had purpose...?

That moment came when I met Leah. 

The pain I went through being a young single mom when I was just 16 years old lead me to meet Leah at an alternative school we both went to when she was pregnant with Kylee. We grew close with one another and she took a place in my heart I would never forget. 

When she gave birth to Kylee, she asked me to be there with her... and so I was. I watched Kylee take her first breaths into the world, and saw Leah love her from the moment she laid eyes on her. 

In the wake of Kylee's passing, she has been given this new life that has called her to a new beginning. I know that the Lord is going to use this situation in ways we don't understand now, but we will someday when we finally see him face to face.

We are excited for the Lord to write Leah's redemption story and fill her life with joy and peace that surpasses all understanding. 

I believe chapter one starts with her new baby boy.

Thank you Lord for giving me this gift, this medium to capture life; so that I was able to pause these moments in time and bottle them up so we can look back at how far you will be taking her and how tenderly you carried her through all these years.