Ashley + Travis

Jerusalem, Israel

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March 17, 2019

Oh man, where do I even begin? To be given the privilege and opportunity to document a destination wedding in ISRAEL?! Somebody pinch me.

When Ashley contacted me about photographing her wedding, I instantly was drawn to her warm personality and the emphasis she was putting on all the RIGHT things, and leaving the stress out of the planning. Ashley and Travis had recently gotten engaged when they found out they would be attending a Holy Land Tour with their church. Ashley & Travis both said “Hey… why don’t we just get married in Israel while we are there!” HECK YES. So that’s what they did.

Now let me say, this day was a whirlwind of unplanned events, inclement weather, and some things that would have put other couples over the edge. But these two took it all with stride. They knew at the end of the day, all they wanted was to be married. As long as they accomplished that goal, the rest didn’t matter.

Their flights were delayed an entire day, which meant they arrived to the hotel just a FEW hours before they were supposed to be walking down the aisle at on Mount Scopus. As soon as them and their family and friends landed, it was rush time to get to the hotel, get everyone ready, and head up to the mount on a bus! We actually ended up having to leave the hotel before Ashley was able to put her dress on because it was the only bus that would get us to the ceremony location in time. Some girls would have been freaking out but Ashley wouldn’t let anything wipe the smile off her face that day.

When we arrived with the family and friends at the top, we all braved the 30 degree weather and 40mph winds to set up for the ceremony.

As soon as Travis laid eyes on Ashley, all of us forgot about the cold and only lived in that moment. Time stopped as the sun shone down on his beautiful bride.

After the happy tear- filled ceremony, Travis & Ashley came with us to take bride and groom photos until we ran out of light, which was VERY fast! lol Once the sun was set, we headed back to the hotel to sign the marriage certificate and meet up with their family and friends. After dinner, Justice went up to our room and headed to the airport just a few hours later because our plane was leaving to take us back to the good ole U.S.A. Basically, we caught their wedding in the nick of time.

Technically not everything went the way we originally planned it to. But that’s what it’s like when you travel abroad sometimes. You can’t always predict exactly how things are going to go and it’s so important to keep things in perspective like this sweet couple of ours did. This will always go down in my books of one of my favorite elopement/ destination weddings and though not everything was as planned, it WAS exactly how it should have been and it was PERFECT.


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