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meet mikayla

Photography has been my great escape. God has given me a passion and love for it like nothing I’ve ever felt before. When I’m behind the lens I have a sense of peace and my heart whispers, “This… this is what you are meant to do.” When the Lord lead me to this, a void was filled in my heart that I didn't even know I had. Sometimes it literally brings me to tears when I think about it. I am so very, very blessed to have been given an opportunity to do something that I love doing. This surpasses my wildest dreams of what I thought I would be able to do with my life. When you truly find what you were put on earth to do, it is the most beautiful thing.


Besides photography, my other love of my life is my husband Justice. He and I work alongside each other in this field creating beautiful ways to tell your story. He is the videographer behind Jude and Jael Films! Besides his filmmaking I love his amazing cooking skills. Seriously, he is better than a chef. I think I have cooked a total of maybe 5 times our entire marriage. I hit the jackpot, y'all. I also love when he plays guitar for me. Truth be told that’s one of the main reasons I fell in love with him; my love for music, and his ability to create it. All around he is absolutely the best guy I know, hilarious as heck and my absolute best friend in the world. Our years together have been packed with adventure, mountains and valleys but he is my steady rock through it all. We have a big huge Saint Bernard named Ofer and three beautiful children together; Emma, Natalie and Beckham. They all are so different in personalities and NONE of them were a part of my original plan for life, but life has proven that God’s plan for me is always far greater than my own. I could not imagine life without this family of mine.  


The Little Things

  • Music (Coldplay, Imogen Heap, Jon Foreman, Bon Iver,  Andrew Belle, Snowmine, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Still Parade, Hillsong, Broken Social Scene, A lil Post Malone... ya know the USUAL)
  • Coffee
  • Craft beers & wine
  • Authentic friendships
  • Writing
  • Art in all forms




  • Baths
  • Seasons
  • Christmas time- it’s still magic even to my adult heart
  • Traveling
  • The smell of a fire
  • Movies
  • Sleeping
  • Antique shopping
  • Decorating my house
  • Jesus


destination wedding photography

Things we love


"Photography is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second" - Mark Riboud