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When my middle child, Natalie, was born I quit my job as a financial coordinator at a local dental office to stay home with her. I had never imagined life with me as a stay at home mom, and truth be told, never really felt like it was my "calling", but I also didn't want to leave her while she was so little and dependent on me to go back to work. 

I had always wanted to own a camera, and dive into the world of photography but never had the money to invest in it, nor the time to devote to it. Well, my husband knew this little desire was stirring inside me, and knew this was the perfect opportunity to let me explore the possibilities of photography with more time on my hands. So... we were at my favorite Indian restaurant enjoying our favorite dish when the waiter came up and presented to me- an antique box of sorts. I was so confused as he said "for you, ma'am." I looked at my husband- and he was smiling from ear to ear. I placed the case on the table and opened it not knowing what the heck was going on. And there it was- my first DSLR to start this journey. I cried lots of happy tears, as you can imagine.

Fast forward to today: I never in my wildest dreams imagined my little want-to-be hobby that was born over a nice bowl of Tikka Masala would turn into my lifelong career. I cannot believe I get to wake up everyday and do something that brings me life & joy. Therefore, my joy translates into my style of photography, and the way I capture people and choose to edit images. My photography style is full of light, but still has so much depth to it. I want people to feel when they look at images I've taken, I want my images to evoke nostalgia & joy. 


The little (and BIG) things that bring me JOY:

  • My three beautiful children: Emagen, Natalie, & Beckham
  • My longhaired, hipster-looking husband, Justice
  • Music (Coldplay, Imogen Heap, Jon Foreman, Bon Iver, Oh Wonder, Andrew Belle, Snowmine, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Still Parade, A lil Post Malone... (ya know everyones got a little trap rap fan inside of them)
  • Coffee- its for survival. #momlife
  • Craft beers & wine- it's also for survival? 
  • Reading (faves: The Magnolia Story, Capital Gaines, Redeeming Love, The Hunger Games, Wild at Heart)
  • Writing
  • Baths- I take at least 1 or 2 everyday
  • Christmas time- it’s still magic even to my adult heart
  • Traveling - Wanderlust is written on my heart
  • The smell of lavender
  • Watching Fixer Upper
  • Sleeping/ Napping
  • Antique shopping
  • Decorating
  • Jesus




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"Photography is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second" - Mark Riboud